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AROMA is a women’s group focused on equipping women to be the "aroma of Christ" in our community (see 2 Cor. 2:14-15). At Oak Hill, we understand the importance of building a community of women who can express their faith in Jesus together with other women in the church while reaching and loving women who are unchurched or even unbelieving. We partner with Oak Bottom Village to foster that encouragement and serve the community through our Care 2Connect opportunities. We hope women continue to grow in loving God and loving others by participating in our bi-weekly gatherings in the Oak Bottom Village Community Room.

You can check out what we are currently studying below. Contact Mel Mohler for any questions you may have, and we would love to have you join us at our next meeting!

Thursday, August 15 2019

Join us for the FALL/WINTER evening series of CONVERSATION PEACE!

God has a lot to say about how we should use our words (and silence at times) as His daughters!

Warm up your speech habits with homemade soup, fellowship, and encouraging Biblical Words! 

Come even if you don't yet believe In Jesus Christ - experience life in community and enjoy the soup!

Every other Wednesday EVENING: 7-8:30 PM in the Oak Bottom Village Community Room!

September 4th

Book Introduction - Mel Mohler

All of us at some point have been greatly encouraged or discouraged by words.  Let's embark on a journey together, seeking God's heart in how we are called to speak to one another!

Veggie Soup -

Mel Mohler

September 18th OFF - PARADE NIGHT
October 2nd 

Week 1 - The Power of Navigation - Mel/Vibrant colead

See how small the tongue is?...but like the rudder on a ship it steers great things!

Taco Soup - Mel Mohler
October 16th 

Week 2 - The Power of Cause and Effect - Marianne Harnish

Words overflow from the heart! Let's examine the root of the good and bad that flows from our mouths.

Chicken Noodle -Marianne 
October 30th 

Week 3 - The Power of Exchange - Jen Shaw

Christ gives us the power to have a beautiful well cultivated heart that produces encouraging powerful words!  Out with the Old!  In with the New!

Coffee and Dessert night

November 13th 

Week 4 - The Power of the Open Gate - open discussion night

Constructive, healthy communication can only flow through the open door of a humble heart.

Mel Soup

November 27th 

(thanksgiving eve.)

Week 5 - the Power of Construction - Keri Lead

Lay tracks, build bridges, connect people, create spaces for harmony and unity where the Holy Spirit can speak life!

This will also be a time of Thanksgiving, looking back over the year and Praise God for HIM!

Keri Soup
December 11th

Week 6 - The Power of Instruction

Be a lifelong learner in God's Speech School  - Remain Teachable!  Open your mouth and teach others!

December 25th OFF - CHRISTMAS DAY

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