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Mission and Core Values

The purpose of Oak Hill is to be…

A biblical community of God's servants going into all the world reaching the unbelieving, the unchurched, and the unconnected and nurturing each other to become reproducing Christ-followers.

The core values of Oak Hill consist of the following:

Based upon authoritative and relevant expository preaching of the Scriptures, we will be:

  1. God-centered, Christ-exalting worship which facilitates celebration and communion

  2. Sacrificial living and giving for the body’s growth

  3. Elder leadership that empowers and encourages members to minister

  4. Building community through small groups (called Gospel Communities)

  5. Being a catalyst for regional and global revival through fervent prayer

  6. Intentional outreach to the unbelieving, the unchurched, and the unconnected

  7. Growing healthy families and marriages

  8. Developing and sending of missionaries with a priority for church planters

  9. Mentoring people who desire to serve in ministry, specifically through the local church

  10. Creating an environment where those from multi-cultural and multi-ethnic groups can worship in unity.