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What Is a Gospel Community?

A Gospel Community is a collective of people committed to applying the gospel inwardly and outwardly together. They are brought together through the gospel in unity, desiring to help one another grow in the gospel to maturity, while seeking opportunities for the gospel to be multiplied among people who don't know him. We believe that you will most fully experience what it means to be part of Oak Hill as you engage in one of these communities, and you will have the opportunity to experience:

  •     Relational Discipleship and Care: All of our GCs study God’s word together, seeking to help one another apply it. Further, prayer and accountability are key components to personal growth as genuine relationships are built around the gospel. Our GCs are also the front line of care when a physical need arises in the church.
  •     Intergenerational Investment: All of our GCs are intended to be “intergenerational.” This provides the opportunity for the church to truly be the “family of families,” and for adults, teens, and children alike to receive critical gospel-centered input from others in different stages of life.
  •     Leadership Development: GCs are a primary way we develop leaders at Oak Hill. Each GC leader has a coach and also an apprentice so that they are ready to multiply a new GC once they have grown to a certain size. We also seek to practice “shared leadership” within each group, asking different members to lead out in the various aspects of GC life under the guidance of the main GC leader.
  •     Community Impact: As we grow together as disciples of Jesus, we realize it is our mission to make disciples of Jesus. All of our GCs work to identify a group of people in our community for whom they are praying as they seek to serve them and carry the gospel of Jesus Christ to them.  

While each group meets on a specific night every other week, we strive for even more regular interraction in one another's lives to accomplish these goals. This is not a program, it is a lifestyle, and we would love for you to join us in this pursuit to truly be the family of families that is Christ's church. 

So Where Should I Turn for Additional Information?

You can start by looking at our Locations page to review the listing of Gospel Communities.  Each group leader would be glad to communicate with you.  Feel free click on email link and ask the leader for more details about the group.  For general questions you may call the church office at 717-786-4559.