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The purpose of our Reach Youth Group and Treehouse Children's Ministries is "To be the larger family of families to parents and children, supporting gospel-centered discipleship in the home."

At Oak Hill, we recognize that the middle school and high school years are extremely formative in the life of most people. Teens are figuring out life: who they are and what they believe. They are figuring out how to relate to one another as well. If they don't learn how to find their identity in Jesus Christ and how to submit to the way he calls us to love others, they will find their identity in something far less valuable. We recognize that the family is the primary place where they should learn about God and his call on their lives, and we want to support each family in this important task by providing venues for them to reach toward God and other people. 

The Reach Youth Group meets every Sunday during our Discipleship hour at 11am for a time of teaching from God's word AND every other Sunday at 4pm for more time of relational discipleship.

Additionally, we encourage each of our Gospel Communities to intentionally incorporate the teenagers in their group into their discussions and activities to truly experience the "family of families" that is the church. Sometimes our GCs will even combine efforts to create a fun activity for the whole Reach Youth Group where our teenagers can get to know one another and build meaningful relationships with their peers, inviting friends who don't know Jesus as well. This continues to be an important step toward building a regular place for our students to grow at Oak Hill.

Throughout the school year, we also try to have regular connection events that provide a fun place for our youth to build friendships with one another and with caring adults in our church. Call or email for details about the next great event!