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Local and Global Outreach

At Oak Hill, we believe it is the opportunity and responsibility for every disciple to make disciples of Jesus, and that God intended that to happen through the context of the local church.

In Matthew 28, Jesus declared his authority in heaven and on earth and promised his authoritative presence to his disciples, instructing them to one important objective: make disciples. They would do this by going (evangelizing), baptizing (establishing the believers), and teaching them to obey all that Christ had commanded (equipping them for the Christian life). After waiting in Acts 1 for the coming of the Holy Spirit, we see a group of once-terrified disciples spreading the gospel to the ends of the earth with boldness and zeal from Acts 2 on

It is interesting, however, how they went about fulfilling this commission. In Matthew 16:18, Jesus also said, "I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it." By Acts 13-14, we see a pattern emerge by which the disciples fulfilled Jesus' Great Commission: they proclaimed the gospel in every city, strengthened the believers in the gospel, and appointed elders, organizing the believers under qualified spiritual leadership as a local church (see Acts 14:21-23).

We believe God intended both the multiplication of disciples and  local churches together. We see this happening locally at our church as people work within their sphere of influence to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, through our Gospel Communities as they support one another as "teams of missionaries," and through our AROMA Women's Group as they study God's word together in Oak Bottom Community.

In all of these areas, we seek to build "bridges of peace" with our community through local individuals and organizations who help put us in direct contact with the unbelieving, unchurched and unconnected of Solanco (see Luke 11:6-9). It is our desire to demonstrate and proclaim the grace and mercy of King Jesus and his Kingdom through serving physical and spiritual needs together in such a way that helps people understand our deepest eternal need.

We also see this happening regionally and globally as we partner with our church planting network, the Great Commission Collective, as well as through our global ministry partners in Pontevedra, Spain. We seek to periodically take short-term trips to encourage and support these partnerships. Would you consider responding to Jesus' command by partnering with us through praying, supporting and/or going?